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In ancient greek philosophy, particularly that of Aristotle, there is a focus on eudaimonia (often translated as happiness or human flourishing) as the goal of a good life and therefore what individuals and political structures should strive for. As an undergraduate in their first political theory class Delia was immediately drawn into this conception. Though their work as a theorist has shifted from Aristotelian thought specifically, this concept of eudaimonia has stayed central to their work as a philosopher and artist. 

In this body of work, Delia displays the concept of eudaimonia within their personal philosophy. In living a contemplative life as an artist (Aristotle also comes to the conclusion that a contemplative life is best), Delia chooses to prioritize an appreciation and romanticization of the beauty of moments in the everyday. By immortalizing these moments in their work, Delia is calling attention to each person's ability to seek happiness and beauty all around them. This project is a celebration of life and experience, drawing from the past few years of the artist's life as they dealt with mental health struggles, the isolation and grief of the pandemic, and the transformative post-graduation years, yet were able to cultivate a philosophy of love and joy that resounds through these paintings. 

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